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iMap clients enjoy a definite competitive advantage over their competitors.
By utilizing iMap’s methodical trust building processes, iMap clients become highly visible in local search results, therefore, providing more opportunities for sales and revenue from local consumers.

What is Online Trust or Online Reputation?

The best way to explain Online Trust is to draw the comparison to your offline business reputation which you’ve worked hard over the years to establish in your local community. Online Trust works the same way except the community is web/internet based. And just like your offline reputation, your online reputation can’t be built over night. It is a perpetual process of applying effective methods consistently month after month.

Technically speaking, Online Trust is calculated based on more than 100 elements with one of the most important Trust elements being online customer rating and reviews. iMap estimates that online customer rating and reviews makeup approximately 10-25% of your Online Trust ranking with Google.

So here is the challenge, we know that acquiring customer ratings and reviews are critical to establish and build your Online Trust ranking, however, acquiring them has proven to be extremely difficult and time consuming.

iMap has the proven solution. Just give us a call for a free - no obligation consult with one of our search engineers.

Why is Online Trust Important?

Competition for the top local search positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing have now reached an all time high and will continue to increase in the months and years ahead. Google local search results are now not only based on radius and locality, more importantly they are now Trust based and Online Trust can over ride location.

For example, if a consumer is searching for a Dentist in their area, the closest Dentists to the consumer may not be displayed in the top local search positions. Now, with Trust based results, the Dentists that are in the general area and have the highest Online Trust ranking will be delivered in the top positions.

Local Listing optimization along with monthly management is no longer the complete solution to achieve top local search positioning. Businesses must earn top local search positioning by improving their Online Trust month after month.

Therefore, it is important to get started building and maintaining your Online Trust as this is becoming the true and natural way of achieving consistent visibility in local search results.