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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need iMap Professionals help?

About 82% of consumers needing to find either a product or service turn to the internet to search. By having your business listed on the first page of the Google search results and having a high on-line credibility, you are capitalizing on more traffic. In the past, a traditional method of advertising was to place an ad in a magazine, flyer or brochure. Utilizing this method, there was no way to track who saw your advertisement or how many people read it. With our help, you will be advertising to customers that want your service and want to read your reviews. Additionally, you will get a report each month that will show you how many people googled your services and if they went to your page to either read reviews or to get driving directions. If you have a website, you can also check your hosting statistics to see if they clicked on it from your Google page.

2. Is on-line credibility important?

Customers not only want to be able to find your business, they also want to know what other customers are saying about your business. Having your Profile page appear on the first result page is important, but having positive customer reviews is crucial. Customers want to feel they are making an educated decision while choosing your business. Having reviews lets them do so.

3. My business is already on Google, why do I need to improve it?

Having an existing website is great, but we can help you have this reach as many potential customers as possible. By keeping your place page updated monthly with the core search engines and directories, we are able to achieve maximum exposure. Credibility is an on-going and time consuming task.

4. What information can I submit to my Place page?

You can add up to 10 photo's, 1 video, a business description, website URL, hours of operation, and coupons. With the help of our customer support team, you can change these descriptions monthly.

5. Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. Our company believes that we should earn our money every month. We have a services agreement that is month to month, so if at anytime you feel we are not achieving the goals we have set forth, then you can cancel our agreement.